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Budgit Manguard Hoist – Gearing & Load Brake Parts
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Seal-Oil, motor shaftBearing Assembly-Ball, motor shaftRing-Retaining, InternalKey -Woodruff, SprocketBearing Assembly-Needle, 5/8" I.D.Washer-Thrust, 5/8" I.D.Ring-Snap, brake flangeFlange-Load BrakeDisc-Friction, load brakePawl and Ratchet Assembly-Load Brake (includes item 15)Disc-Friction, load brakeBushing-RatchetGear and Clutch Assembly-Load BrakeSpring-Load Brake (Plain-no color code)Cam-Load BrakeRetainer-Spring, Load BrakePin-GroovedKey-WoodruffKey-WoodruffShaft and Integral Pinion-Load BrakeWasher-Thrust, 11/16" I.D.Bearing-Thrust, bronzeBearing Assembly-Needle, 11 /16" I.D.Bearing Assembly - Ball, SprocketSprocket - Coil ChainSprocket - Roller ChainBearing Assembly - Ball, SprocketGasket - Ring, Sprocket BearingPlate - Retainer, Sprocket BearingScrew-Fillister Head MachineLockwasher - Spring TypeSpacer-Sprocket GearGear-SprocketRing-Snap, sprocket gearBearing Assembly-Needle, 11/16" I.D.Washer-Thrust, 11/16" I.D.Shaft and Integral Pinion-IntermediateGear-IntermediateRing-Snap, intermediate gearWasher-Thrust, 5/8" I.D.Bearing Assembly-Needle, 5/8" I.D.
* This gear and clutch assembly should not be field disassembled. Replace assembly only as clutch pressure is preset at factory based on hoist capacity and motor H.P.
** On later model hoists; Ref. No. 28 is not used, Ref. No. 32 is replaced by Ref. Nos. 38, 39 and 40 and BH-1309 and BH-1310 are replaced by BH-1311 thru BH-1314 as shown above.
*** Ref. No. 17 occurs next to Ref. No. 16 for 14 tooth pinion load brake shaft only. Later model hoists are hoists starting with model number 116887