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Budgit Manguard Electric Hoist – Push Button Station & Conductor Cable Assembly
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Screw-Slotted HeadLockwasherEnclosure-RearGasketScrew-Slotted HeadContact Block AssemblyInterlock-MechanicalRing-RetainingSeat-SpringSpringSealPlate-Push ButtonPush Button-DownPush Button-UpPlate-Push ButtonSealSpringSeat-SpringConnector-Conductor to Strain CableClamp-ConductorConductor CableEnclosure-FrontSupport-Strain CableClamp-ConductorScrew-Slotted HeadOperator Warning LabelSleeve-PressureThimble-Strain CableTie-ConductorSleeve-ConductorStrain CableConnector-Strain CableThimble-Strain CableAnchor Bracket-Strain CableGrip Assembly-ConductorSpringSealPlate-Push ButtonPush Button-DownPush Button Station (Includes Ref. Nos. 12 thru 30)Push Button Station and Conductor Cable Assembly (Includes Ref. Nos. 1 thru 30)
* Not available separately. Order Push Button Station.
** Not available separately. Order Push Button Assembly.