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Shawbox World Series Wire Rope Hoists – Motor Driven Frame and Drive
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Traverse Motor (Specify HP, Voltage, Frequency, No. of Speeds, Options)Lock Washer, 3/8Hex Head Cap Screw, 3/8Traverse Reducer, 50 FPMLocknut, M8External Retaining RingAngle BracketHex Head Cap Screw, M12Locknut, M12Locknut, M12Lockwasher, M12Hex Head Cap Screw, M12Hex Head Cap Screw, M8Output PinionExternal Retaining RingThreaded Rod M12, 4" Thru 8-1/2" Trolley Beam Flange WidthSet Screw, M6KeyTraverse PinionTraverse Cross Shaft, 4" Thru 8-1/2" Trolley Beam Flange WidthFlat WasherBall Bearing w/Retaining RingHex Head Cap Screw, M12Bumper (Optional)Drop Lug/Bumper StopGeared Trolley WheelLocknut, M12External Retaining RingPlain Hex Nut, M12Lockwasher, M12Plain Hex Nut, M12Ball BearingWheel AxlePlain Trolley WheelLockwasher, M12Hex Head Cap Screw, M12Internal Retaining RingBall BearingExternal Retaining RingAlignment Bar, 4" Thru 8-1/2" Trolley Beam Flange WidthHex Head Cap Screw (Short), M12Hex Head Cap Srew (Long), M12Trolley Frame Side Plate (Drum), 40' Lift ModelGusset BracketGusset ShoeGusset StiffenerLocknut, M12Angle BracketTraverse Stiffener PlateHex Head Cap Screw, 3/8Counterweight Plate, 40' Lift ModelHex Head Cap Screw, M12Plain Hex Nut, 3/8Locknut, 3/8Hoist/Trolley Controls (Specify HP, Voltage, Frequency, No. of Speeds, Options)Ball BearingBall BearingInternal Retaining RingExternal Retaining RingExternal Retaining RingWheel AxleGeared Wheel Assembly Pair (Incl. Ref. Nos. 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)Plain Wheel Assembly Pair (Incl. Ref. Nos. 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)
N/A Not Available.