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Shawbox WS Wire Rope Hoists – Hoist Drum, Drum Frame, Gearcase, Motor, Rope Guide & Screw Type Limit Switch
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Geared Limit Switch "B Frame"Drum Shaft Insert for Geared Limit Switch "B Frame"Hex Head Bolt (Long), M12 "B Frame"Lockwasher, M12 "B Frame"Heavy Duty External Retaining Ring "B Frame"Flanged Cartridge Ball Bearing "B Frame"Drum Frame Bracket "B Frame"Hi-Collar Lockwasher, M8Socket Head Cap Screw, M8Socket Head Cap Screw, M10Rope Clamp "B Frame"Stiffener Plate, 25' Lift ModelRope Guide (See Figure 9-7a for Parts) "B Frame"Locknut, M12 "B Frame"Hex Head Bolt, M12Lockwasher, M12Locknut, M10High Strength Flat Washer, M16 "B Frame"Locknut, M16 "B Frame"Hoist Gearcase (See Figure 9-2 for Parts) "B Frame"Flat Washer, M12 "B Frame"Socket Head Cap Screw, M12 "B Frame"Socket Head Cap Screw, M10Hex Head Bolt, M12Flat Washer, M12208 volt, 3-phase, 60 Hertz - 7.5 HP Hoist Motor, 2-Speed with Brake and Fan (See Figure 9-8 for Parts) "B Frame"Locknut, M12Hi-Collar Lockwasher, M10Rope Drum, 25' Lift Model "B Frame"Drum Frame Rod, 25' Lift Model "B Frame"High Strength Flat Washer, M16 "B Frame"Hex Head Bolt, M16 "B Frame"Limit Switch Bracket "B Frame"Hex Head Bolt (Short), M12 "B Frame"
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