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Budgit Manguard Electric Hoists – Gearing and Load Brake Parts (1 thru 3 Ton Hoists)
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Seal-Oil, motor shaftBearing Assembly-Ball, motor shaftRing-Retaining, InternalBearing Assembly-Needle, 5/8" I.D.Washer-Thrust, 5/8" I.D.Ring-Snap, brake flangeFlange-Load BrakeDisc-Friction, load brakePawl and Ratchet Assembly-Load Brake (includes item 15)Disc-Friction, load brakeGear and Clutch Assembly-Load BrakeSpring-Load Brake (Plain-no color code)Clutch Assembly 1/2Cam-Load BrakeRetainer-Spring, Load BrakeKey-WoodruffShaft and Integral Pinion-Load BrakeWasher-Thrust, 11/16" I.D.Bearing-Thrust, bronzeKey-WoodruffBearing Assembly-Needle, 11 /16" I.D.Bearing Assembly - Ball, SprocketO-RingSeal DiskSeal - OilPlate - Retainer, Sprocket BearingScrew-Fillister Head MachineLockwasher - Spring TypeGear-SprocketRing-Snap, sprocket gearBearing Assembly-Needle, 11/16" I.D.17Shaft and Integral Pinion-IntermediateGear-IntermediateRing-Snap, intermediate gearWasher-Thrust, 5/8" I.D.Bearing Assembly-Needle, 5/8" I.D.Bushing-RatchetPin-GroovedKey -Woodruff, SprocketSprocket - Coil ChainBearing Assembly - Ball, Sprocket
** This gear and clutch assembly should not be field disassembled.
Replace assembly only as clutch pressure is preset at factory based on hoist capacity and motor H.P.
Ref. No. 41 is replaced by Ref. Nos. 7 thru 14 on non-load brake equipped hoists.
*** Ref. No. 17 occurs next to Ref. No. 16 for 14 tooth pinion shaft only.