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Shawbox Series 800 Wire Rope Electric Hoists – Push Button Station and Conductor Cable Assembly. Single Speed Hoists
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Type 1 Pan Head Machine Screw (M 3.5 x 0.6 x 12 Pltd.)Lockwasher (M 3.5 Pltd.)Rear CoverGasketType 1 Pan Head Thread Cutting Screw (M 4 x 15 Pltd.)Contact AssemblyButton AssemblyType 1 Pan Head Machine Screw (M 6 x 1 x 12 Pltd.)Lockwasher (M 6 Pltd.)Plain Washer (M 6 Pltd.)Type 1 Pan Head Machine Screw (M 3.5 x 1 x 14 Pltd.)Lockwasher (M 3.5 Pltd.)Housing CapGrommetHousingConductor Cable AssemblyPalstic Warning TagPush Button Station and Conductor Cable Assembly (Includes Ref. Nos. 1 thru 17)Push Button Station (Includes Ref. Nos. 1 thru 15)
* Not available separately. Order Push Button Station