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Budgit Manguard Electric Hoists - Upper Suspension, Load Chain & Lower Block Parts (3 Ton)
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Suspension Pin and Nut AssemblyPin - Grooved (Type A 3/16 x 2 Pltd.)Spherical WasherSuspension Lug Kit (Includes Items 1, 2, 4 and 26)HangerGrooved Pin (Type A 3/16 x 3/8 Pltd.)Pin, SprocketWasher, ThrustConnecting Rod AssemblyBushingSprocket & Bushing Assembly (Includes Item 15)Washer, ThrustPin - Grooved (Type A 3/16 x 2 Pltd.)Hook/Latch and Nut (Includes Item 6)Washer, ThrustRing, RetainingPin, ConnectionLatch Kit, HookHook/Latch and Nut (Includes Item 6)Hex Socket Head Cap ScrewLock WasherSuspension Bushing KeeperChain Stop Assembly (Electronic Limit Equipped)Support PinStop Shoe (Electronic Limit Equipped)Block Assembly, Lower, Coil ChainChain Assembly, Coil LoadSnap RingActuator (Paddle Limit Equipped)Grooved Pin (Type F 1/4 x 2 Pltd.)Washer